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Our oily story goes back to at least June of 2000.  My husband, Todd, had Cushing’s Disease, a tumor on the pituitary, which is the “Godfather gland” of the endocrine system.  So brain surgery happened, twice, with 3 young boys under 4 years old.  That’s a WHOLE other story, but we have SO many blessings and such thankfulness to God for that leg of the journey.  Since then we’ve tried LOTS of things to augment his health specifically, as well as try to keep the rest of the family (including 4 crazy wonderful, amazing, young men) as healthy as possible.  Without pharmaceutical hormone replacements, he wouldn’t be alive; so of course we’re thankful for those.  But over time, there have been hard deficits.

During that decade, the only items that did seem to help were:
–saline nasal spray (twice daily)
–a good water filter (Air, Water, Life)
–Natural Calm-Magnesium

Additionally, there were a SLEW of things that we tried, but saw no short-term or long-term differences.  Enter my friend Dawn and Young Living Essential Oils.  I stalked her for about a year and read and researched what I could, spurred on every time we had another health low.  I had tried an essential oil from a local store and yes, that was one of the MANY things in which we noticed NO difference and thought it was a waste of cash.  Yet, after watching Dawn, reading, and needing something, we finally decided to give the starter kit a whirl.  I figured, if it saves us ONE doctor visit or prescription, it might be worth it.  AND OH MY STARS!!  Well, it didn’t start out with THAT much of a bang.  We weren’t very open.  If we took an oil and felt better, we were all like, “Well, I was just getting over that.”  It took MANY experiments of trying things, then pulling back and noticing worsening, and trying again and we’d feel healthier.  So I TOTALLY encourage people to do that.  Cause it’s crazy.  And I was an RN.  So I liked the idea of alternative anything, but didn’t really put stock in those ideas because there’s no science there.  Yea, right.

So December wasn’t great because I had no idea what to do.  It’s a big learning curve.  I only used the precious drops once or twice a day when it should’ve been 4-5.  By January we were catching on and I was learning how to find answers in books and good internet searches, as well as just remembering to get the oils out more.  By February, I became convinced we had to give Ningxia Red just one good try.  It seemed to be the baseline for so many, especially those with long-term issues.  I ordered 2-25 oz bottles, and we each took an ounce every morning.  (We couldn’t afford 2 oz which is suggested.  That was the best we could do.)  NO ONE thought it was doing anything.  The boys complained that I had wasted the money on cherry drink.  But we finished every drop.  Then we were out.  And WOE came over us as we all realized that it really HAD been doing something.  Energy, focus, just feeling better overall.  WHAT?  So we used more.  I actually started telling people I was trying it.  Even crazier, others wanted to try all this craziness too!  Didn’t make sense to me, but we were using more and more and LOVING the majority of what we were doing. Every now and then we’d try a product that wasn’t for us, but often it was needed for later or for someone else.

My other “Eureka” early on was Progessence Plus.  It came back in stock around March.  I plan to have stockpiles of this and Ningxia for ever!   I did a “blind home study” with my guys.  I added Progessence Plus to my Ningxia protocol for 2 weeks without telling any of the amazing fellas in my home.  Then I asked them separately if they could tell a difference in me.  I was ASTONISHED when they all said nearly the same thing: “Your rants are shorter.”  One said, “I can understand why you get upset now.” WHAT!!??   If you live with teens, you KNOW what I mean!

None of these make life easy.  None are miracle cures.  I liken it more to crutches.  If you break your leg, you’re not going to run around without them.  It’s something good to come alongside and help your body deal with all the toxins we’re exposed to everywhere.  I actually think our bodies are doing an AMAZING job considering the majority of the grocery store is probably toxic… but that’s another topic, for sure.  It IS important to remember, if you are using some items to improve health but continue to eat Ho-Hos daily… well you get the idea. I really believe the YLEO’s and especially Ningxia Red have helped me tremendously to make better food choices and practice some self-control.

In May, it was time for our oldest to graduate from our homeschool. We had longed to be able to take all 4 to Europe.  The last plane trip Todd had made (to CO, 2 years prior) resulted in him sleeping for 26 hours straight.  It was all I could do to get food in him during that period, and he really missed a lot cognitively because of the physical effects of the flight.  Yet, this year, he had been on Ningxia for almost 4 months, feeling better and better, becoming more engaged and less tired….so we found as many deals as we could (actually hoping and planning since December) and went.  For 18 days we went EVERYWHERE we could, on land, train and sea.  And he only took TWO extra naps!!!  We had only planned to take carry-on luggage but checked one bag just for the Ningxia!  Many of my pictures on this site are from that trip, as that trip perfectly encapsulated the health & wellness bonuses we now enjoy with YL.

Now, I LOVE helping people try concoctions and just SEE what alternatives are available.  To have these gems to use for first line of health maintenance is MARVELOUS; we are so thankful and love that YL rewards us for sharing.  I’ve gotten way better at diffusing-it’s so hard to get in the habit, but so so so good. Contact me and I’ll get whatever samples you’re interested in, so you can give it a whirl, too.  I’d LOVE to help you in any way on this crazy, oily journey!!

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